What's Stacks Finance? What does it do?

What's Stacks Finance?

Stacks Finance is a community of DeFi and NFT investors. The Stacks NFT gives it's holders access to the Stacks private Discord channels. These are community led channels that focus on informing our users about upcoming launches, whitelists, undervalued projects, presales, airdrops and much more.
This information will allow not only users to make their own investments, but also will guide future treasury investments.
Access to the alpha channels is managed by the Alpha Access Card NFT. Only holders will be able to access these private channels.
Stacks also has a unique system to reward our researchers and anyone that provides solid alpha. By being a consistent contributor you can be promoted to the Top Contributor role which comes with a weekly pay in ETH. This makes it so alpha researchers and CT threaders have an incentive to create content and spread the word about Stacks.
As a second phase we want to apply the knowledge gathered from the alpha groups and research to invest our treasury into. Check phase 2 for more info.