Investment strategies

How's the treasury invested?

The treasury will be invested in multiple types of income creating investments.

Automatic investments

  • Staking Ethereum

  • Providing liquidity to bluechip tokens

  • Stable coin farming

  • Invest into delta-neutral strategies

Investments with prior approval by the community

  • Invest in very early projects / seed

  • Invest in internal projects to be developed by the Stacks team

Investment decisions democratised

Anyone with a Stacks NFT will have access to a platform where project research can be shared and upvoted/downvoted.

This will create an environment where Stacks holders are incentivised to share their research and knowledge with the community.

The top voted posts each week will be reviewed by the Counsel and the team and might go into a vote in order to decide if they'll be invested into.

Seed investing

Another facet of our investment strategy will be seed and very early project investing. Once Stacks is more established we aim to have a biz dev team that will work with these projects, support them in many ways like provide marketing through our network and software development through our own team if needed.

The incubated projects will be carefully selected and the invested funds need to be justified and accounted for in order for our DAO to get the best possible ROI.

For these type of investments it will even be possible to airdrop tokens to Stacks NFT holders.

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