2022 / 2023

2022 Q4

  • Project launch

    • Landing page, socials, etc

  • Start of whitelist phase

2023 Q1

  • NFT design and creation of NFT sketches

  • Development of the NFT smart contract

  • Development of the auction smart contract

  • NFT auction page as the main buying mechanism

  • Development of private Discord channels exclusive for holders

  • Create a Snapshot space for voting using the Stacks NFT

  • Page for WL supporters to mint Stacks NFT

  • Launch to the public

2023 Q2

  • Development of smart contract for profit distribution

  • Page with statistics and visualisation of treasury values

  • Launch of phase 2 (Stacks Investment)

  • Build a team of investment advisors from community and crypto experts

  • Discord and Twitter integration

    Link your address with Twitter account and Discord (optional)

2023 Q3 & after

  • Expand Stacks dapp and services to other EVM networks

  • Creation of a new feature in the dapp where users can access alpha and research

    • Stacks holders will be able to access information posted by other users

    • Users that do quality research will be remunerated with funds from the treasury

  • Stable vaults with competitive returns

    • These vaults will be accessible to everyone, but Stacks holders will benefit from 100% of the fees generated

  • Use part of the treasury for seed investment into Web3 and crypto projects

  • Build DeFi projects using treasury funds (if voted by DAO)

    • Build an internal team that creates great quality DeFi projects that the treasury can be invested into

    • The vast majority of these project's assets would stay under the treasury and belong to all the holders of Stacks


  • Creation of a Stacks VC fund where the NFT holders will be the "VCs"

    • Exclusive access to airdrops and early tokens

    • Exclusive alpha around the projects incubated by the DAO

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