The Stacks NFT

There will be one NFT available for auction each day.

The NFTs are minted every day at midnight GMT when the auction finishes. The winning bid will receive the NFT automatically in their wallet and the funds from the sale are then transferred to the treasury wallet.

When bidding you'll have to actually transfer your bid to the auction contract as this is a way to guarantee users actually mean their bid and prevents bots. If you are out bided the bid is immediately refunded.

NFT issuance

Year 0 (2023)

The number of NFTs this year will be different than all the other years. Assuming no delays in the project, whitelist access will start on the 1st of March. That's 50 days of 2 NFTs per day, 100 NFTs until the 20th of April.

From there we start auctioning one NFT per day. That's 256 more NFTs for year 0.

From year 1 (2024) to year 10 (2033)

One NFT per day, that's 3,653 accounting for leap days.

Total: 100 + 256 + 3,653 = 4,009

The absolute max supply will be 5,000.

The team has an allocation of 991 (from 4010 to 5000). These NFTs will be used for a few purposes:

  • Monthly giveaways -- we're aiming for 2 per month, that's 240 NFTs over 10 years

  • Collab with influencers and other partners

  • Pay the team

Note that although the team will have access to 991 tokens these will be locked and gradually unlock over 3 years.

The schedule is:

2023: 300 NFTs

2024: 300 NFTs

2025: 300 NFTs

2026: 91 remaining

Usage of the Stacks Access Card

The 4,009 Stacks NFTs will be the only way to access the profits from the treasury. Our goal is that gradually the returns from the treasury will heavily outweigh the funds from the sale of the NFTs. Once the 10 years end most of the treasury profits will come from investments and seeded projects.

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