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Stacks Finance is an exclusive investment (DAO) that allows holders of the Stacks NFT access to real low-risk yield. By hedging risk and diversifying our portfolio through an elected investment council we allow anyone the possibility to make a set-and-forget investment. If you are more active and aspirational with your investment research then you are able to be elected into the Stacks Finance Investment Council (SFIC). The only way to gain access to the treasury profits and this community of shared knowledge, research and experience is by holding the native Stacks NFT.

The whitelist for the Stacks NFT will work slightly different than others might. Besides providing a list of early access this will also allow us to fund the project initial days.

You can pay in USDC to access the whitelist.

Being in the whitelist gives you a Stacks NFT airdropped into your wallet when we launch (1st March 2023).


The prices to access the whitelist will depend on how early you are:

  1. First 100 to apply pay 100 USDC

  2. From 101 to 250 to apply pay 250 USDC

There's will be a maximum limit of 250 spots.

What's in it for you?

The Stacks NFT gives you access to monthly returns on your investment AND access to the community.

We're creating a community of researchers, alpha and community curated content that will give you an edge on the crypto and NFT markets.

Other benefits

  • Exclusive access to future airdrops (from Stacks or our incubated projects)

  • Early access to future features

  • Exclusive access to future events (like AMAs just for founders)

  • Discord role as "founder"

  • Private Discord channel just for "founders", team and mods

Referral program

Anyone that is already in the whitelist will be able to see a referral link and use that to refer other users. We'll award 50 USDC per registration (to the whitelist) under your address.

These payments will be available once the whitelist finishes. Also note that you can only refer someone if you're first registered yourself.

Goal of funds

Note that this is how we will fund the initial development of the project. No VCs or huge investors. Only small players. We want to cultivate an active community from day one.

Here's what we intent to use these seed fund on:

  • Development of contracts and dapp

  • Design and NFT artist

  • Code audit

  • KYC for the team

  • Servers and infrastructure

  • Marketing and partnerships

  • Team members and mods salaries

  • Legal details and setup of a registered company


Project will be launched by the 1st of March. Please check the roadmap for more details.

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