Treasury management

Treasury management and investment decisions won't be taken lightly and we'll have what we are calling a semi-DAO. This means that the DAO still votes, but there are entities that propose the votes and have a final say.

This is put in place to avoid 51% attacks or plain bad investments for the treasury. Our main concern is safety of funds and stable, recurring stable returns.

The 4 levels of authority in the DAO will be:

  1. Team (2-6 core team members)

    All KYC and access to the multi-sign. The team will have the final approval on where the funds are invested. Only team members will be able to setup a DAO vote.

  2. Counsel (5-10 Stacker, voted by the DAO)

    The Counsel will be a group of very present and involved community members that contribute with research and investment alpha on a regular basis. These members will be voted into or out of the counsel by the DAO members. It's expected that the counsel will come up with investment strategies and plans for the treasury. These might be accepted or not by the team and/or DAO.

  3. Stackers (NFT Holders)

    Stackers are the members of the DAO. A Stacker is someone that holds at least one Stack NFT on their wallets. They receive profits from the DAO and can vote on any issue that has been put up for vote.

  4. Supporters

    Any members of the Discord that don't hold an NFT. We also want to engage and bring into the discussion members that like the project, but haven't been able to purchase a Stacks yet.

Who controls the address?

The treasury address will be controlled by a multi-signature wallet owned by the core team and some community participants.

We aim to have at least 5 participants in the wallet while 3 signatures will be required.

To prevent any tempering all the participants in the multi-sign must be KYCed with Certik and have their physical addresses validated with them.

How's the treasury invested?

Investment strategies

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